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1930's Style Beauford Open Top Tourer


This is our best selling bridal car and can seat up to 3 passengers. Many brides prefer for 2 passengers as this means that the front seat is removed making room for your dress. The removal of this seats provides an easier entrance and exit for the bride, especially with bigger dresses. With it's removable roof, this car caters to all weather conditions.

Vintage 1950's Austin Princess Limo


This Vintage limo is ideal for the larger wedding parties, often supplied as a second car. This car can seat up to 6 passengers comfortably but can carry 7 if you have small children for example. With the choice to fold the middle seats down, this gives ample space for even the biggest of dresses! With these seats down the capacity would be 4 passengers.

Please note that due to the age of this vehicle, there are no seat belts and the vehicle will be limited to 20 miles from ME20. 


Chrysler 300c


This luxury 300c is ideal as a second car to carry the bridesmaids, bridal party or Groom's who want to make an entrance! At very resonable prices, especially packaged with another vehicle, this car suits every budget.

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